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Trey Alexander's Equipment

Tom Anderson Drop Top Classic
This is a hand built guitar! It has superb build quality with a extremely comfortable body shape!! This guitar was built to commemorate Trey's father. It has his passing date printed on the headstock.  "This is by far one of the finest instruments being built! A must own for any one wanting a guitar that surpasses the standard of guitars being built today!"

Peavey HP Classic
"This is such a wonderful guitar backed by such a great group of people! I feel so honored to be promoting their instruments and I look forward to many years of performing with them! 

Ibanez Jem
The Ibanez Jem is one of the most versatile instruments made. Trey's fiancee bought this instrument for him about 5 years ago. He loves this guitar and all of its features! Of course this might have something to do with his huge influence from Steve Vai!

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 1x12 Combo
"When I was 16 my father bought me my first good amplifier. It was a Hot Rod Deluxe 1x12 Combo amplifier. I still use this same amplifier today. It is amazing how many hours this amplifier has withstood. I have put about 250,750 hours on it and it is still kickin. I will always own one of these amplifiers. I also have had this amp modded by Rick Coberly. He is a great amplifier technician. A beautiful clean sound with a smooth overdrive distortion for all of your tonal needs. I love this Amp!!

Mesa/Boogie Lone Star Amplifier
"I wish I knew where to begin! This company is just superb!! They make sure that everything they do is top quality with a consistency that is unrivaled! Every piece of gear that I have from them withstands anything I throw at it and not only does it withstand it, it does it while sounding like a million bucks! I have so much trust in what this company does and I can assure you that when you buy a Mesa/Boogie instrument you are becoming a part of their incredibly down to earth, friendly and loving family. They immediately give you that fuzzy, warm and welcoming feeling of arriving home. If you don't own one yet, I hope that you get one soon!"  

Radial Tone Bone Classic
"This company is by far one of the most evolutionary companies in the industry! If there is something you are looking for to enhance your playing and to help you find those sounds lurking in the back of your mind I am sure they will have it. I have been a proud owner of a Radial Tone Bone Classic for some time and it is the only thing I do not leave home with out. It is very durable and still have yet to have one repaired."

"It can also quickly turn any amplifier into a great performing amplifier. I have done many gigs where the gear was supplied to me and you had to hope to get the sounds you wanted from it. The Classic helped me achieve it every time and when I was in California for the Guitar Hero competition this was one of the effects that I took with me! I love their gear and not only do they make some of the most elite and well designed effect pedals in the world they are by far one of the nicest companies that I have ever worked with! Thank you Radial!"

So you see these pedals are quite a big part of Trey's sound! Be sure to check out the Tone Bone Classic! 

Budda Wah-Wah
"These are by far the most versatile and expressive wah pedals on the market. These pedals have such a vocal sound and are extremely enjoyable to use. Great sounds and a True Bypass. How can you really compete with these great pedals??"

Keeley Effects/Mods
"In addition to their own fantastic line of effects pedals, they also will modify existing brands to your custom specifications. This year I was lucky enough to try out some of these effects pedals. There is no substitute for these pedals. I hope that I am fortunate enough to own one or more of these pedals for the entirety of my career."

Furman Power Supply
"The Furman AC-215 is the perfect compact and light weight conditioner for my set up whether it is with the Mesa Boogie Lone Star or the Hot Rod Deluxe. It fits right into the chassis and gives me the confidence that my gear is protected. It also provides an extra outlet allowing for quick pedal board hook up. It is amazing how much better my gear sounds now that I have a clean and consistent stream of power going to my gear! Furman gear is reliable and built tough to withstand the studio and touring abuse. You can't go wrong with Furman!"  

T-Rex Replica Delay
"Guthrie Govan turned me onto this wonderful delay machine! If you haven't already checked out this wonderful guitarist make sure to! I used to carry around a bunch of rack gear and now I just carry this small, beautifully constructed little brown box! If you want a nice clean and warm delay this is the pedal for you!" 

Fender American Standard Stratocaster
"These are special unique instruments. This was actually the first quality instrument I owned. My father bought this guitar for me and every time I play it I feel connected with him in some way. This is by far one of the nicest instruments that I have owned!!"

Taylor Acoustic Guitars
"These are fine acoustic instruments. Definitely well worth the investment. Beautiful instruments with sweet tonal qualities."

Modular Pedal Board and Effects
This is always being updated and switched around. I just started getting into pedals and man what a world of fun!

Boss DS-1 Ultra Mod (Modification by Robert Keeley)
Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-9DX Flexi 4x2 (Modification by Robert Keeley)
Radial Tone Bone Classic
Budda Wah
Keeley Compressor
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
T-Rex Replica Delay
MXR Phaser
TC- Electronics G Force System

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