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Trey Alexander's Quantum Rock
Interactive Video Software Course
Available on DATA-DVD, DVD, or Instant Download

quantumrock_datadvdTrey presents a range of modern rock arrangements designed to expose you to the variety of grooves, rhythmic patterns, techniques, phrasing and theoretical approaches that comprise the modern player’s skill set. You will learn Trey’s approach and subtle inflections for utilizing expressions such as legato, tapping, sweeping and harmonics as musical elements to serve the melody rather than distract from it.

Quantum Rock is not for the weak of heart, nor is the course suitable for beginner or early intermediate players (check out Trey’s beginner rock course below). While the concepts are explained and demonstrated very clearly, you will spend serious time in the shed getting a grip on these techniques, skills and knowledge. Fear not though, Quantum Rock is a hands-on playing course – no tedious theory, boring exercises or theoretical dribble. You will be rockin’ out from the very first lesson, and will soon develop a raging addiction for your Quantum rock practice sessions.

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Trey Alexander's Rock Guitar for Beginners
Interactive Video Software Course on CD-ROM

freshman_rock_boxset_150If you've always wanted to learn how to play rock guitar — or even started once or twice in the past only to put it down in frustration — this Freshman Series course is likely the perfect approach for you. Rock Guitar for Beginners is a jump-start method designed to get you up and strumming quickly without having to work through tedious theory, scales and exercises. In fact, you'll be rockin’ in your very first week of working with the course.

Rock Guitar for Beginners is tailored specifically for adults who don't have the time or desire for formal training. To get you on the fast track, we've deliberately steered clear of music theory, reading notation and exercises (there’s plenty of time for all that good stuff later). Instead, you'll dig in immediately learning rock chords, strumming, keeping time and building a solid vocabulary of rock licks. Best of all, you’ll learn how to read tab so you can easily learn to play hundreds of your favorite songs.

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